Juniors - What We Race

Fast, furious and fun racing! We supply the cars and controllers.

Qualifying Heats
All drivers race once on each 6 lanes to accumulate a total time and qualifying position for the Step-Up finals. Every race during the heats is usually between 8-10 laps.

Step-Up Finals
All drivers will qualify for a grouped final. The top five qualifiers from the heats secure a spot in the A-final. Positions 6th-10th are entered in the B-Final and positions 11th-15th will race in the C-Final etc. The winner of each final will get promoted to the above final.

Junior Calendar

2017 Series Junior Rules

Version 2017.1

1.1. Cars must be brought to race control upon signing in and pass scrutineering check.

2.1. Only cars from the Scalextric or Carrera range are eligible for use.
2.2. Cars are limited to ONE magnet per car.
2.3. Magnets must be the standard 1.5mm thick bar magnet. Thicker magnets are not eligible.
2.4. Cars must remain ‘standard out of the box’ with the exception of the following points below.
2.5. If you are unsure about the eligibility of a car please ask and we will advise.

3.1. The chassis and body must remain completely standard but may be lightly sanded around the edge to allow the body to rock on the chassis.
3.2. Interiors must be in place and remain unmodified.
3.3. Working light kits may be removed.

4.1. Cars must retain the Standard 18k motor as supplied in the car.

5.1. Rear tyres must be the original tyres as supplied with the car or a direct replacement of the same type.
5.2. Rear tyres may be glued to the wheels and lightly sanded.
5.3. Front tyres may be replaced with smaller tyres to aid car handling.