Seniors - What We Race

We race 3 classes for the senior nights - GT's, classics and touring cars.

Interested? Why not come along to one of our race meetings, We have plenty of cars you can use to get you started!


Open GT's

Class Info:
The fastest class we race at the club. A variety of 1:32 GT cars are raced with added tuning parts. Can you handle the pace?

Open GT Rules

Slot it Classics

Class Info:
The classic GT's is a great class to start for new members. Simply choose from any of the 1:32 classic cars. All the parts needed come with the car as standard, all you need to do is change the rear tyres to the F22 compound and you are ready to race.

Classic GT Rules


Class Info:
A new addition for the 2017 championship is that we will allow RTR cars that fit the rules to take part in the Saloon championship to make it more accessible.

Touring Car Rules